I have always loved to travel and experience new cities. So when I noticed that there is not much to do for a tourist in my very own city I realized that there was a potential for something new.

Many people that visit Gothenburg end up in the main parts of the city, especially around the avenue, but there is so much more to see. There is the lovely old streets in the area of Haga, the beautiful botanic garden, a number of amazing viewpoints and of course the well known archipelago.

Stuck in thoughts on how to discover Gothenburg I was helping my brother to create a site for scooter rental in Stockholm. He developed a concept of Vespa tours in Stockholm. After his first summer I suggested that we do a joint venture in Gothenburg and here we are.

With an interactive map on the Vespa I will guide you to my favorite places in Gothenburg but also some of the top picks of other natives of Gothenburg. I love to meet you all travelers and help you to discover Gothenburg and I hope that we have started a new generation of scooter rental and a new way to discover Gothenburg!