Can the Vespa carry two people?

Yes, it's comfortable going two people on the Vespa.

Does the Vespa includes an insurance?

Yes, the Vespa has a full covered insurance. The insurance has an liability of 2500 SEK. There is no personal insurance included.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card?

Yes you can pay with card, all common credit cards are accepted.

Is it possible to park Vespa when I'm going on a tour?

Gothenburg has plenty of MC-parkings that you will find in almost every street where you can park at any time.

Is it safe to park the Vespa during the night?

Gothenburg is a safe city and you get a proper chain lock with you that you use when you park the Vespa. No theft has occurred to our Vespas since we started in 2015 but we can of course never guarantee it. It's always good to ask your hotel if they have a garage to be extra sure.

Can I park the Vespa during the tour?

There are plenty of motorcycle parking’s in Stockholm. You find one in almost every block. All the motorcycle parking’s are listed in the included GPS.

What type of clothes should I wear?

It depends of course on the weather but it is good to have something that is a bit warmer than if you would have walked around in the city.

Any other questions?

Give us a call us or send an e-mail to the contact details below, we are happy to help you with your questions!