This tour takes you off the beaten track and shows you other than the most typical districts of Gothenburg. Experience Eriksbergs harbor - Gothenburgs new urban riverside!

The first stop is at Gothenburg's opera. It must be admitted that it's not the most beautiful opera but its location is fantastic location next to the harbor.

After the Opera you will cross the channel to a quite hidden viewpoint upon Keillers Park. It's undoubtedly one of Gothenburg's finest views and the great thing is that you can easily go all the way up with the Vespa thanks to a serpentine road up the hill.

The next stop is at a remarkable new district that has been built during the last decade. It has transformed from a industry port to top-renovated neighborhoods. See the exceptional architecture of the new buildings with maintained charm from the past.

At the new urban riverside a science park has been established, called the 'Silicon Valley' of Gothenburg. The round red building called 'Kuggen' is made by the most known architect in town and is an obligatory Instagram post.